Response Post: Gatorade’s Director of Consumer Engagement uses Snapchat to reach teen athletes.

I read an article today about Gatorade using Snapchat to reach teen athletes and it was a very interesting and informative read. The article is interview style with the author interviewing Gatorade’s Director of Consumer Engagement Kenny Mitchell. With Snapchat’s IPO on the horizon it was interesting that the author or this article didn’t ask about it during the interview, but one question and the answer he got from it that stood out to me was when the author asks “What is Snapchat’s biggest strength as a marketing tool?”. Kenny Mitchell replied that “Snapchat is a highly immersive platform that showcases engaging content in real-time, full screen, with sound on. It’s especially appealing to us because of how our teen athlete target consumes media. We know the way they interact with social media is constantly evolving and we have to earn their attention while delivering a clear and memorable message, all within seconds.” I think thats what makes Snapchat so unique as a marketing tool because Snapchat gives you the ability to tell an engaging story in such an enigmatic fashion that appeals to the youth market. I personally believe snapchat will be around for a long time and in the future be seen as one of the top social media platforms along with Facebook and Twitter.

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