Search Engine Optimization

I have developed as a SEO professional by creating content, page titles, HTML codes and keywords that result in high ranks on the search results page.

Email Marketing

My skill in email marketing improved through consistency, creativity and customization of marketing content via email that resonates with different audiences effectively.

Social Media Marketing

My expertise in social media and content creation blended with my keen eye for attractive aesthetics for an explosive marketing combination to increase engagement and brand loyalty.

Featured Projects

Personal Brand Story

I used Adobe Spark to give a glimpse of my personal brand, including my current journey at Full Sail University and my future career goals.

Storytelling Evolution

Find out how storytelling evolved by reading my analysis based on research on the methods used across time, and the brand evolution of the Shrek! story.

Brand Story Analysis

This 5 minute read will allow you to dive deeper into Poshmark’s brand message, associated archetype, and level of success achieved in desired brand message perception.


I enjoyed reading your honest reflections and think it is wonderful how you have been evaluating your progress and applying the course concepts to your life. This evaluation is crucial in understanding how you handle setbacks, stress, and your own well-being. I hope that you feel a sense of pride in your development so far.
Jessica Xavier
Instructor, Full Sail University
Camille is a very pleasant, friendly, and respectable young lady. She is usually the first of her colleagues to arrive and always follows through with her tasks. Camille is very professional and a pleasure to be around. I wish her all the best in all her endeavors.
Kimberly Arnold
Data Analyst, Southwest Economic Solutions
Camille Reed was a student in my Storytelling class and during her time in my class I saw improvement in her assignments each week. She started to grasp the course material and applied them to her submitted material. She was a quick learner, hard-working and an engaged student.
Katherine Coulthart
Instructor, Full Sail University