Living The Dream

During the last two years, I have been studying sportscasting at Full Sail University. My dream job in the industry is to be a play-by-play broadcaster for a professional baseball team. I plan on attending multiple conventions including the 2021 MLB Winter Meetings in Nashville, TN. During my time at Full Sail, I have learned many positions in sportscasting. Some of those positions include anchoring, producing, and writing. I have compiled a lot of projects while in school. Below you can watch a future Hall of Fame Speech I got to deliver!

Sports Writing

I write a lot of sports stories on my personal blog. Some of those stories include my predictions, while others are recent sports news. You can read my articles below.


I am a co-host and analyst on “The Rough Cut Sportscast.” We discuss topics surrounding the world of sports. We have shows 5 days a week on YouTube. You can watch the show below.


I am working on improving my editing skills. I now have the knowledge of all the adobe apps. Below is a Nick Foles press conference that I edited.

Featured Projects

Broadcast writing Video

For this project, I wrote many scripts and performed them on camera. I learned how to write in my own voice. I created my own rundown and completed an entire “A block” of a show.

Finding the right careeer

For this project, I looked at various jobs currently available in sportscasting. I was asked to find two entry level positions and one secondary level position. I also found professional associations I could join.

broadcast vs print writing

For this project, I took a deep dive into the similarities and differences between broadcast style writing and print style writing. I also read my broadcast style piece on camera.


"Dylan is one of the most well spoken workers that I have had the privilege to work with. He is extremely dedicated to anything he takes on and is able to self manage his time to complete tasks. I look forward to seeing his career in sports broadcasting hit a home run."
"Dylan has always been efficient when assigned different tasks and completes them on time. His lines of communication are exceptional; if he has any questions, he never hesitates to ask. Dylan's morals are set at a high standard which makes him trustworthy."