Disney’s Failed Theme Park!

It’s a shame, Disney tried opening another park in the 90’s and it failed miserably due to lack of public compassion. They had high hopes for this park. They called it Disney’s America, a place that would showcase history. Though it focused on a very low point for America. It was set to open in Virginia on the east coast and was going to have the¬†history of America including slavery! One of the proposed attractions was going to immerse guests in the slave experience where you actually had to experience the escaping of the Underground Railroad. People did not want a place like showcasing such a terrible time. Disney quickly pulled out of the project. Protest rallies broke out in Washington D.C. at the premiere of The Lion King. In the end, it was completely¬†scrubbed and Disney moved on to other projects which I think was in their best interests. Disney has had some moments where I feel they haven’t made the best decisions for what they are doing. I remember once seeing Donald in a WWII propaganda outfit and the characters smoking but it was a different time back then. These days you have to be very careful in what you are presenting to your audience. It comes to a point where you might think a certain product or service you are providing will be harmless and it ends up spiring out of control.



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