Setting goals are important to do to get your brain working and keeping your future in check. It helps you work towards a purpose and not just scramble to think about what you need to do all the time. It keeps you in check when you start to stray from your path. My short term goal is to move to Orlando hopefully by the time I graduate. I would like to be in Orlando so I can be close to the industries I would like to work in. Where I live now doesn’t offer as much as I would hope. I am still in the process of achieving my short term goal. My current job and other obligations have kept me from being able to currently focus on moving. I still plan to keep on trying to move but right now I just can’t leave the town I am living in. My plan is to keep saving money, find some decent places and then execute the actual move. Things at work changed a lot the last year and it has kept me in the department I’m in because they really needed me. A new long term goal would be to graduate by next July. I have really put a lot of strain on myself this year by trying to do too much at once. I have actually stepped back a lot more in the workplace this year so I can focus on school. I place to now have four days to be able to do schoolwork compared to the 50+ hours I was working at work on top of doing schoolwork and getting barely any sleep. I plan to really focus on the schoolwork and not let my job get in the way too much like I was letting it do. I have had a very important role but they will need to understand my goals for this next year. My medium term goal would be to have certification in Adobe Suite. Which I hope to work more on later this year. I have shortly been teaching myself little by little how to use the different apps. A long term goal was to make more connections in Orlando with local businesses, brands, and companies. Which I have been a little bit more lately. I attended an event where I met some folks who run and manage local brands in Orlando such as clothing and a theme park blog.


Both intrapreneur and entrepreneur require some sort of creative skill to be successful. They both bring creative thought and process to the workplace. Entrepreneurs are usually the founders of a business. They are the ones in charge and usually make key decisions within a company. They are always on the hunt for knowledge and new innovation. An intrapreneur is someone who could in term be an entrepreneur. They work within businesses to introduce new products, innovate and keep the overall company objective and profit in check at all times. Intrapreneurs work closely with the business, unlike entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs set up completely new businesses while the intrapreneur helps existing businesses grow. Intrapreneurs don’t take higher risks than an entrepreneur does.

To me an intrapreneur almost sounds like an investor coming to a company. I like that both focus on leadership, vision and adaptability. As an intrapreneur you have accesses to people above you who can help you grow and learn which is great. Overall, it’s simple to understand the differences between the two and they share a lot of common traits. Though the life of an intrapreneur can be very difficult at times because everything that they do has to be overlooked or approved before given the okay to complete or do a project or introduce a new idea to the company. I myself have worked alongside an entrepreneur the last six years and the way they work is something to admire massively. Many nights of no sleep and 14+ hour days to get everything done.