3.3 Assignment – Social media support blog post

Hello all,

This week I will be discussing how I will be linking the Vans brand content to turn viewers into customers. This will be done on platforms of choice for the age range that Vans targets. (15-25.) It will consist of videos showcasing customers wearing Vans and how they wear them. Whether it’s creating art, working in the kitchen or skating. Youtube is a powerhouse of information in 2019. It’s my social platform of choice when it comes to uploading content and getting views. Millions of viewers will get a chance to see our content and spread the video on multiple platforms. These videos can be shard on Twitter and Facebook to get a larger reach for customers of all ages. YouTube is in our browsers, living rooms and pockets in the form of an easy to navigate applications that users access daily. The series of videos that will be uploaded to the platform will both inspire customers to submit their own but also get them talking about the brand and get more loyalty and purchases at the end of the day.

Check out this post by Gregorio!

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