4.3 Assignment – Process reflection blog post

We have come to the final assignment for the course! This was a very challenging month. Make sure to always be organized and ready everything for the week ahead of time so you’re prepared to face the work. I am very glad that I grew up in the age of social media. It helped me understand the language and work flow of this months course a lot better. Also being a trend hunter helped me. I found multiple sources of information for creative campaigns online. Including Vans, Movember & LUSH. I feel that the process as a whole is something that I have a better understanding of and still learning on what I can improve. Organization, lists and calendar dates have been something to help me be more organized. Learning the different forms of content production has been a lot of fun this month. I will remember when making future projects what will work for a company depending on the audience that they target. Presentations and slides are something that I haven’t done in decades but with each one I keep learning new tricks to improve on the process.

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