4.3 Assignment – Process reflection blog post

We have come to the final assignment for the course! This was a very challenging month. Make sure to always be organized and ready everything for the week ahead of time so you’re prepared to face the work. I am very glad that I grew up in the age of social media. It helped me understand the language and work flow of this months course a lot better. Also being a trend hunter helped me. I found multiple sources of information for creative campaigns online. Including Vans, Movember & LUSH. I feel that the process as a whole is something that I have a better understanding of and still learning on what I can improve. Organization, lists and calendar dates have been something to help me be more organized. Learning the different forms of content production has been a lot of fun this month. I will remember when making future projects what will work for a company depending on the audience that they target. Presentations and slides are something that I haven’t done in decades but with each one I keep learning new tricks to improve on the process.

2.3 Assignment – Content Selection Support Blog Post

Hello, my name is Gregorio and the brand that I will be talking about today is Vans. Since 1966 they have been the leader in the casual shoe industry. I have chosen video as content deliverable. It’s very important to provide customers with engagement in the form of video. It’s content that they can show family and friends and get more traffic and sales going for your website. The age range of 13-25 spend a major amount of time online watching videos on instagram and YouTube. So why not include them in your videos as a form of content! With video, it’s a creative form of information that you can use across all channels. It can be posted across social media, shared on the website and used for promotional purposes.

1.3 Assignment – Brand Selection Blog Post


My name is Gregorio Feliciano and I am here today to tell you that I have chosen Vans as the business that I will be using for my final project in Content Strategy, Development & Marketing. Vans has been known as always being innovators in the shoe and clothing industry. They are the underdogs, the ones who choose a different path when the rest of the world is telling us to be normal. The creatives and the collaborators. Vans has been known for the creation of the waffle sole shoe that’s so popular today. It’s a brand that I have always looked up to growing up. When it came to art and design it is a brand that always catches my eye. The quality of the shoes are great and in recent years their marketing is something has caught my attention. They are heavily involved in music scenes, art culture, and skating/surfing. In this course, I hope to learn more about what it takes to make a successful campaign that will help a business further their engagement and reach in the community. With the knowledge that we will be going over this month and learning, I hope to take away a sense of accomplishment for my future career.

Client Style Guide!

Hello everyone! Here’s a little bit of information for what I used to do my Client Style Guide Assignment from week two. I used Adobe CC for my color palette.

I found my fonts in the Apple font library that comes with the system.

The images I found for my mood board we’re from Unsplash right within Adobe Spark which was great!