Sports... Yep, That's It

Since October of 2019, I've been studying sportscasting at Full Sail University with the goal of hosting my own sports talk radio show. During my sports media career, I developed the skills that are highly coveted in the industry. I also host my own sports talk podcast, The Jacob Valk Show, which is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Be sure to explore this website to learn more about me and to listen to my on-air work.


I’ve developed as a sportscaster by improving my on-air delivery (vocal training) and my off-air skill set (producing sports highlights shows.)


I’ve developed as a podcaster by hosting my own podcast, The Jacob Valk Show. I’ve cultivated an extremely loyal and vast fanbase that greatly appreciates what I do.

Featured Projects

Final Presentation in Broadcast Writing

This is an A-Block of a sportscast I performed and wrote while telling a story by utilizing a combination of different sports show elements that I edited in Adobe Premiere. I received a 94 on this.

OBS Highlights Show

This is a complete show that I created in OBS featuring my opinions on very important sports stories. I received a 93 on this.

Jason Katz Interview

This is an exclusive, full interview that I conducted with Jason Katz, a fantasy football writer for four different websites. I received a 90 on a partial version of this interview.


"[Jacob] is a fine example of what it means to be dedicated and disciplined. ... Being able to effectively communicate is vital to any operation, which Jacob did completely."
"Jacob has followed the sports world and culture for many years. He is well informed, knowledgeable, articulate, and his ideas are well formulated. Jacob’s passion for people and the media industry is unmatched and his enthusiasm can be infectious."
"It's my pleasure to provide this ... recommendation for Jacob as he seeks employment. ... Jacob showed excellent communication skills and consistently exceeded company expectations. On a personal note, he's charismatic and well-spoken."
"Jacob's work ethic was outstanding. Jacob worked tirelessly to create a brand new show on the station called "Beyond The Game," where his unique personality ... shined through the radio speakers. He put in hours of show prep and research into each episode, and created a very professional-sounding show."
"It is my pleasure to recommend Jacob as someone who will go above and beyond of what is expected of him. He pays attention to detail and he understands the importance of preparation for his on-air work."