Jessica Gold grew up in Maryland and graduated with honors from Elkton High School. She went on to pursue degrees in Hospitality and Tourism and Business Administration at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Inspired by the birth of her son Gabriel, she decided to make a change and pursue her true passion- Digital Marketing. She enrolled in an accelerated Digital Marketing bachelor’s degree program at Full Sail University where the curriculum is project-based and focuses on real world scenarios.

Known For Thinking Outside Of The Box

Since childhood, Jessica has had a love for creatively expressing herself in dance, theater, and art. Known for thinking outside of the box to creatively solve problems and inspire new ways of thinking, she effectively implemented solutions to make her work environments function more efficiently during her time working for luxury, chain, and boutique hotel properties in Charleston.

Creativity, Innovation & Empathy

Jessica is constantly striving to creatively use technology to fully engage and connect with audiences. She has a strong desire to help others with branding, content strategies, mobile and emerging technologies that can be utilized to implement effective marketing strategies, storytelling, Search Engine Optimization, and web design and development.

Valuable Skills Gained Through Learning Experiences

Her experience managing hotel properties helped her gain valuable skills and experiences, including learning what it takes to be a great leader and team player. She’s been recognized with several awards for her achievements with impressed guests and co-workers who feel she has an eye for detail and a proactive work style allowing her to anticipate and exceed expectations. Her love of learning and eagerness to grow within the industry helps her stand out as a valuable, motivational team player. She has an active presence on social media and is a member of marketing groups and associations to remain current on digital marketing trends.

She prides herself on being a fair, proactive, and empowering leader, a creative problem solver with innovative ideas, and a person that is always eager to learn. More motivated now than ever before to follow her life passion so her son will have the confidence to do the same. Jessica hopes to influence and inspire others through her knowledge of digital marketing strategies including strengthening a brand’s online presence through SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Content Marketing. Currently, Jessica is working towards developing her own digital marketing business, JG Marketing Design and does freelance work for a variety of companies and individuals in the United States and the UK to gain experience in what she is most passionate about.

Jess Gold | Digital Marketing Strategist Brand Statement

Through my creative abilities, empathetic and innovative nature, I am able to develop a digital marketing strategy that strengthens a brand’s online presence through branding strategies, creative content marketing, storytelling, social media marketing, web design, and Search Engine Optimization.

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  • Content Marketing & Content Strategy
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Storytelling
  • AI Marketing
  • Freelance/Entrepreneur Tips
  • Technology & Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing, and MORE!

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