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Content Strategy, Development, & Marketing: A Course Reflection

A Reflection On My Content Strategy, Development, and Marketing Course

My last post for (CSDM) will be a reflection on my course experience, discussing personal strengths, improvements, and what I will take from this course to help me in my future endeavors!


Specific strengths I have that have helped me in the process of creating great content for my future marketing projects include being creative, detail oriented, and passionate about storytelling and brand strategies. I would say my passionate nature drives me to want to discover a brands SWOT and use this as a foundation for my creative thinking and marketing research to develop great content. 


The research done throughout this course has really helped me understand the importance of video marketing with all the research I found on effective content methods and many studies showing that most consumers prefer to learn about new products or services through video format. Using this realization, I know want to focus on my video content skills as a personal development project for myself and work to better educate and practice with video creation software and the fundamentals of video marketing. 

Overall, I feel I have a stronger understanding on what social media channels to use depending on what content method is being used, using analytical information such as demographics, psychographics, business goals, and customer needs/pain-points to create a social media strategy. 


 Reflecting on my course experience, having a personal interest in content marketing; I found this course exciting, inspiring and extremely beneficial. I have a better understanding of content creation, the role storytelling and strategic thinking/analytics play in content strategy, marketing, and development. I will use the skills gained in this course in future content marketing campaigns as well as building my own personal brand online and working to improve my knowledge and skills in video marketing. 

Wrapping up, I feel the course projects have helped me practice and refine my content strategy and creation skills and I plan to personally continue to develop these skills as I progress towards new courses and distinguished digital marketing positions.   


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Please share below in the comment section any personal experiences you’ve had along your journey to become more knowledgeable on content strategy, development, and marketing! For more digital marketing related topics follow me on twitter, @jessgold_.

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