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For week two of my Content Strategy, Development and Marketing (CSDM) course, I am focusing on developing a creative brief for my brand of choice, Netflix. (Click here to check out my post for week one of CSDM.) In order to complete this I must first select my content deliverable based on my research on the Netflix brand and effective content strategies!

Netflix Content Deliverable

Let’s start off by going over my content deliverable. After completing thorough research on the company, Netflix, and on effective content strategies; I now feel confident in choosing video content as my content selection for my final project.

Why Did I Choose This Deliverable

According to the article, Turn Netflix’s Brilliant Content Strategy into More Effective B2B Video, “It’s no secret that video content is important—having a video strategy is a requirement for every marketer nowadays. The proof is in the numbers. Cisco claims that by 2020 online videos will comprise over 80% of consumer Internet traffic, and HubSpot maintains that 55% of people pay closer attention to videos than all other types of content.

According to Hubspot, when consumers were asked about their preferred way of learning about a new product or service, “over two-thirds (68%) said a short video would be best, way ahead of text-based articles (15%), infographics (4%) presentations and pitches (4%) ebooks and manuals (3%)”

What Are A Few Video Content Examples of “Best In Class” ?

Since Netflix sets the bar with their video content strategy, it is only right to show you some of Netflix’s creative video content including original trailer, informational, and cultural video content examples.

Let’s Jump Right In…

Netflix Video Trailers

Stranger Things 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The first example, is a video trailer promoting a Netflix Original, Stranger Things 3.  This video trailer content promotes the Netflix Original and the brand itself through engaging and entertaining clips or selected shots from the series; which attracts a world-wide audience. This content deliverable uses strategically put together shots/clips from the series taken from some of the most exciting, noteworthy, and or funny parts without giving away too much, but just enough to create a mini story that sets the tone for the series.

Video Trailers Promote Netflix Originals & Video Content Library

Storytelling Video Content

These video trailers tell a story infused with emotion. According to the master of Hollywood teasers, John Long, “A great trailer has its own mini-story.”. This video trailer content is effective with engaging Netflix’s target market, starting out with a major hook, and building credibility for the video content being promoted as well as the brand itself.  

Research shows that you only have a matter of seconds to snare viewers’ interest and unlike movie theatres, you don’t have a captive audience.”

Netflix Informational Videos

New on Netflix US (feat. Marlon Wayans) | August | Netflix

Informational content can create credibility and greater transparency for a brand. This example shows how an informational video can be used as a tool to promote a product or service, such as Netflix’s video content library. This video is helpful for current and potential Netflix customers to know what to watch this month! This type of video content is created with customers in mind, providing information in a simple and brief format. 

Image from

Netflix Culture Videos

This kind of video content shows consumers the culture behind a brand and or an original series or movie. The purpose of this video content is to promote a service or product and to show brand personality. This type of video helps a brand stand out! Cultural videos also help inject authority and transparency, in addition to being an easy way to produce content rapidly. Also, this strategy helps with getting to know a cast member more personally, creating a closer or more emotional connection to a product, service, cast member, character, and or brand.

Cast Interviews/Reunion Specials/Fun Question & Answer Cast Member Videos

Lucifer Reunion Special – Get Ready for Season 4 | Netflix

Stranger Things 3 Best Friends Challenge | Millie, Finn & Noah | Netflix

We Are Netflix: A Deeper Look Into Life at Netflix/Work Culture with Employee Interviews

As you can see, these examples, show how video content has the power to be engaging, insightful and or entertaining, use an effective call to action, and simply and clearly explain a product or service to a target audience.

Netflix Content Type Reasoning

Data from HubSpot found that creating videos specific to an audience’s interest increases shareability by an estimated 83%.  Research concludes, businesses with a video strategy can grow revenue up to 49% faster than non-video users (Social Media Today).

Wrap Up

To wrap up, video content is an effective storytelling method that can be shared easily across multiple platforms with a world-wide target audience.

Video content offers a convenient, informative, entertainment experience. It is also a deliverable that is clear and simple for Netflix’s target audience to emotionally connect with and understand. In general, video is effective with helping a brand build relationships with consumers and stand out amongst the crowd!


Thanks For Reading!!!

Please feel free to comment below and let me what content deliverable you feel is most important to Netflix’s successful content strategy? Follow me on Twitter @jessgold_ for the latest on content strategy trends!

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