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Netflix: Content Strategy Brand Selection

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Hi, my name is Jessica Gold and I am excited to dive into Content Strategy, Development, and Marketing. Two books on this subject, I would definitely recommend are written by Ann Handley, Everybody Writes, and Content Rules.  

Netflix & Content Strategy

This week in CSDM, is focused on selecting a brand and researching their content. 

Well, being a fan of Netflix and their content strategy, this was an easy decision!  I am excited to discover more and their content strategy. This blog post will discuss my brand of choice, Netflix and why I chose the brand for my final project!

Brand Introduction

Netflix tablet: Jess Gold Digital Marketing Blog

Netflix, Inc., a digital media service, has changed the way the world experiences entertainment. Considered at the top of the video streaming industry with an estimated 151 million paid memberships in 190 countries.  A pioneer in the video streaming industry, changing movie culture as we know it!

Why Netflix?

I chose this brand because of my love for streaming video platforms and creative content. I also have a personal interest in interface design and find Netflix’s application and content design to truly stand out amongst other top brands. Their content truly creates a positive user experience, is interactive, and engaging.  Netflix is an amazing storyteller capturing emotions, visual elements, and new perspectives of thinking. As a company they are great with communicating with their customers, and constantly strive to improve user experience, listening to customer feedback and engaging with customers on multiple social platforms. They create a truly unique entertainment experience that is convenient, innovative, personalized, and enjoyable. I love their brand voice and consistency across multiple platforms, and their creative content strategy that reaches consumers world-wide. 

What I Hope to Gain From This Course

I hope to learn more about content discoveries, effective content strategies and effective content methods to reach specific target audiences. I would like to become more knowledgeable with developing content strategies and marketing campaigns. Additionally, I hope to learn more on how brands use content to communicate to potential and current customers. Overall, I am excited to start this journey to gain a deeper understanding on content strategy and marketing!

It is time for me to get back to my Netflix content strategy research!

Please feel free to comment below and tell me your thoughts on Netflix’s content strategy!

Thanks for reading!

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