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Tracking Your SMART Goals

What are SMART goals?

How does goal setting fuel your ambition?

Many people feel frustrated, working hard, but not always getting to where they want or anywhere worthwhile.

An important reason for this is, they haven’t taken the time to really think about and strategize a plan for their goals.

Goal setting increases productivity and motivation fueling ambition. Goals should be maps to where you want to go. By creating specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals one can track progress and reach a set destination. 

We need to make sure we are setting the right goals, which is why SMART goals are so vital for creating a mapped out strategy to reach anywhere worthwhile. 

What was your short-term goal?

Reviewing my recent SMART goals, I created a short-term goal to increase my knowledge and skills on web design; which I have achieved creating several websites, taking courses on web design and further developing three of my websites gaining knowledge on WordPress and WIX skills. I practiced different techniques, designs, worked on coding, analytics, SEO, design, AdSense, and Search Console. I studied video tutorials, took courses, learned from social media, used Lynda.com and YouTube, read articles, and applied this knowledge along with trial and error with different web design experiments to reach my SMART goals by my deadline which was January 31, 2019.

Progress on Medium & Long Term Goals

My medium-term goal has recently been achieved slightly ahead of schedule by reaching 2500 Twitter followers this past week. I did this by remaining consistent focusing mostly on one social media network to grow and still maintaining a presence on other social networks. I also posted interesting, and engaging content, retweeting, liking, and interacting with other Twitter users, creating content calendars, using Hootsuite and Buffer for social media scheduling, and using analytics to find the right amount of content to share and the times that work best for reaching a larger audience. 

Evaluating Long-Term Goals

For my long-term goal, creating a portfolio of my digital marketing work aligning with my personal brand is still being worked on. I am currently on schedule for reaching this SMART long-term goal and have made progress towards my desired end destination. I have added work that I have completed and additionally gone back to previous work to make improvements, especially on earlier recorded video content. Being a person that constantly likes to improve my own work, these steps came naturally, making my goal very realistic and attainable. I have a few more pieces that I will want to include throughout the year and then plan to organize my work into specific categories and sections on my portfolio website. I have created a Google spreadsheet to track and measure my progress on skills, courses, certificates, and knowledge I plan to achieve within the year to add to my portfolio.

Creating & Tracking Goals

Do you create goals to fuel your ambition and reach your desired destination? If so, do you evaluate, adjust, and track your goal progress? 

Please share your insight on tracking SMART goals, comment below and let us know what works and doesn’t work for reaching your goals?

Thanks for reading!

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