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What Makes Netflix So Relatable?

Written by: Ellen DeGeneres, Sr. Publicist for Netflix, Inc. (PR Course Project)

Binge-watching Netflix on a convenient tablet

“What Makes Netflix So Relatable”, the question on everyone’s mind, while glued to a screen dancing deciding whether to just watch one more episode.

Who doesn’t understand the addicting nature of watching Netflix and being able to watch an entire series in a day or re-watch a favorite comedy special repeatedly?


Binge-watching Netflix almost every day, I’m pretty much an expert. I understand the struggle with subscription price increases making you question the value, I mean I may live in a mansion and have a butler name Batu, but I’m just like you. I am completely relatable, right?

A Little Background Information About Myself

It’s been 15 years since I have done a stand-up comedy special. It was actually stand-up comedy that gave me my big break before moving into acting and TV hosting. My goal with my Relatable comedy special on Netflix is to introduce my fans to a new side of my personality, I wanted the special to reflect a different me. 

People know me from my talk show, but they don’t — I mean, a lot of people know that I did stand up, but I’ve been on the air for 16 years, and [some people] just know my talk show. I want them to know that I did something different.

It wasn’t until 1994 with the debut of my show Ellen, based on material from my stand-up routines that my career really kicked off. I remember many referred to me as the “female Seinfeld” at that time in my life. 

How I Came Up with The Shows Title –Relatable

My special is called Relatablebecause I believe everyone is relatable, no matter if our lives are different, but I get to kind of peel back the curtain,” It’s a funny special, but it’s also meaningful. I share things that happened in my life and things that changed my life, and what I believe that we all are — which is relatable.

My friend of mine was at my house and I told him “I’m gonna do stand-up again.” ‘And he said, ‘Really? ’And I said, ‘Yeah, I was hoping for more of a ‘Really?!’ And he said, ‘Well, do you think you’re still relatable?’ …Just then Batu, my butler, stepped into the library.”

Ellen DeGeneres Relatable
Laugh & Enjoy My Comedy Special Relatable Only On Netflix

Why I Went With Netflix For My Comedy Special 

What is more relatable then Netflix? Watching or binge-watching Netflix is a universal concept. The worldwide reach of Netflix gives me a diverse audience of people who love to laugh and could really benefit from hearing my story. 

People talk about “watching Netflix” as opposed to watching a specific show on Netflix. They often first decide to binge a Netflix show or and then pick the series. “In other words, the platform is driving the content” (Jerde, 2018).

I wanted a platform with a consistent credible brand so I knew what to expect and I knew my material would reach a large audience. I chose Netflix because it is a brand I am loyal to and trust. Netflix truly is changing the way the world is experiencing entertainment with over 139 million subscribers world-wide.

Who doesn’t love a convenient way to watch movies & television shows?

Everyone can relate to wanting to experience entertainment conveniently on a platform that is user-friendly with personalized predictive suggestions and lists, and helpful automated video previews to make choosing what to watch next simpler than you could have ever imagined just a few years ago.

How To Watch My Special On Netflix

Watch anytime anywhere you want with the Netflix app on your smart TV, mobile device, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, tablet, Apple TV, game consoles or from the web. For a list of compatible devices, visit

Some Of The Amazing Content Currently On Netflix & Coming To Netflix This Month

The Netflix Comedy Special–Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable Will Actually Make You More Relatable

A Netflix Comedy Special –Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

People come up to me all the time when I’m dancing and they say, “Ellen, what makes Netflix so great and worth the subscription price increase?” 

Just Some of The New Content Coming To Netflix In April

Wine Country

Check out some of my favorite women in this hilarious movie.

Friendship is a trip. Watch Wine Country on Netflix May 10, 2019.

Lucifer Season 4 Trailer

My charming friend, Tom Ellis stars as Lucifer in the series picked up by Netflix for its fourth season!

Netflix is the number one video streaming entertainment provider fulfilling all your tv and movie binge- watching needs!

Did you find something that catches your eye that you can’t wait to stream or binge-watch this month?

What makes Netflix personally relatable for you?

Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter @TheEllenShow.

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