I plan to use my passion for music and analytical skills to fortify relationships between artists and music companies.

Jose Arroyo, residing in Houston, TX, has developed a strong background in Accounting, Audit, and Data Analysis. He is currently pursuing a Music Business Bachelor’s Degree from Full Sail University Online, and is expected to graduate in 2019. He plans to take his four years of accounting experience in Oil & Gas and transferring it to the Music Industry. Jose discovered his passion for music at 9 years old and has played every instrument from the violin to the trombone. He prides himself on artistry, authenticity, and integrity. When not in the office, Jose is analyzing trends and producing music. He’s been a member of the Music Business Association since September, 2017.

As an avid music supporter, he has made it his life goal to show people of all cultures the power of music. In the business realm, Jose has excelled through hard work and consistency. His ability to identify discrepancies has resulted in his current company saving over $4 million. His leadership and resourcefulness also allowed him to improve the company’s payment turnaround by 20%. He aims to make the same impact in the Royalties Department. Jose’s courageous nature and heroic efforts are what make him compelling. He enjoys giving back to the community and participating in community events. Jose wants to continue using music to touch the lives of others, and plans to own a music company later in his career.

Below are some of my Lynda Certifications. I enjoy learning new aspects of music business and staying informed on how the industry is operating.

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