In a world of digital music and streaming, physical merchandise is becoming more of a premium rarity. Music is so easily available that fans want
Album artwork is half art and half science. With so many artists and music releases out now, it’s even more important to have artwork that
Music streaming has turned the music industry on its head. It’s not only challenging the way we consume music, but how artists and business measure
Innovation is a remix of the past. Time and time again, we find the most groundbreaking inventions are improvements upon past creations. Take the flash
It’s well known that many artists do not write their own songs. As songwriters get more public recognition in the music industry, many fans are
Kevin Liles is a former Record Label Executive turned Artist Manager. He started off as an artist but decided to learn the business when a
A&R’s find and discover talent that can be commercially successful in the music industry. According to Music Clout, they used to “serve as the middleman
When I was a kid in elementary school, I used to sell drawings to other children in my classroom. Images of Pokémon were among my
Justin Timberlake is one of the most successful entertainers of our time. While most people may know him for his musical genius, he’s an extremely
Earlier in the year, Facebook secured licensing deals with Sacem, Socan, and Wix Publishing. The social media company had previously secured licensing deals with Universal
Over the years, Nipsey Hussle has never conformed to the undeclared rules of the music industry. In 2013, he received critical acclaim for his mixtape
Interscope Records is a staple in the Music Industry. It is important to assess the major companies in your designated industry in order to learn

The Birth of the Music Industry: The Phonograph

Posted by jmarroyo on September 17, 2017

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Here is a video presentation I created on the Phonograph and how it brought about today’s modern day music industry. It’s interesting to note how
Music plays an important part of popular culture and essentially breeds symbols and genres that are to be associated with myths. Incorporating older components of
The upsurge in digital music revenue has created immense opportunities for the music industry to expand and finally grow. However, there are still challenges ahead.

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