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From Label Exec to Artist Manager: Kevin Liles

From Label Exec to Artist Manager: Kevin Liles

Kevin Liles is a former Record Label Executive turned Artist Manager. He started off as an artist but decided to learn the business when a song he wrote was sold to a different group. That group would go on to sell over 18 million copies and be awarded Grammys for “Best New Artist.”

Liles started his business career as 23 year-old intern at Def Jam Records and eventually rose through the ranks to became the President and CEO. After years of being in the highest positions in the music industry, he decided he needed to be on the ground. That’s when he left executive roles and began managing artists. Here’s an overview of his career path and how he become on of the most renowned artist managers in the music industry.

Below is a link to the presentation slides. There’s a lot one can learn from examining Kevin Lile’s. His determination and work ethic are truly noteworthy.

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