DJ Khaled Hosts 2018 iHeart Radio Music Festival

Hey Hey what’s going on this is DJ Khaled and I’m here to announce that I will be hosting the 2018 iHeart Radio Music Festival this September in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Every year iHeart Radio does what it does best and puts on a show for the ages. You’re not gonna want to miss this one! Myself along with iHeart Radio will be bringing you the biggest names in music and entertainment in a two day festival in Sin City. This is going to be epic, I mean the best you’ve ever seen! Nobody does it like iHeart, they bring out all the stops and play no games. We’re talking laser light shows, with smoke, and fire works when we hit the stage.

Last year I brought out a special guest list that will blow your mind. Headliner after headliner. I’m talking big name acts. My homie Chance The Rapper came out and surprised everyone when he shared the stage with Migos. Travis Scott and Demi Lovato tore it down together, I’ve never seen a crowd so into the performers, it was crazy. Oh you don’t believe me? Check out the video recap from 2017.

This year we plan on doing it way, way bigger. From now until September I will be releasing the names of our special guest performers on my instagram @djkhaled. Check back on my page for the latest updates. I’m telling you man, this is one festival you don’t want to miss!

*This is not an actual post from DJ Khaled, but a Full Sail University class assignment 

Classic Hip Hop: Reborn through live events!

I have grown up with hip hop music, I mean literally grown up with it. I’m 35 now but I can trace just about every year, to any significant even in my personal life, or major world events, to when certain hip hop albums came out. When I first started high school, 1996, Biggie and Tupac were on top. When the twin towers dropped in September of 2001, Eminem reigned supreme. When my first son was born in 2003, all we listened to was 50 cent. The list can go on and on and boy am I glad to say that I can take this journey, especially when talking to younger kids today. I feel like a bevy of hip hop knowledge and I always thought that was going to waste, until I realized there was new genre in music…classic hip hop. Yup, just like classic rock has Journey and the Rolling Stones; classic hip hop has Mobb Deep and Big Pun. Here in Philadelphia they have even started a full time terrestrial radio station dedicated to the classics of hip hop. This has led to the revival of careers to  rappers, now in their 40’s and 50’s, who are in high demand for live performances. In this past summer alone I was able to see the likes of Ja Rule, DMX, Fat Joe, The Roots, Mobb Deep (r.i.p. Prodigy) and The L.O.X. The past two summers I spent coordinating performances at one of the largest clubs in Philadelphia, Club Onyx. In this club we attracted all the biggest, hottest, newest, acts. No night has ever been as big as the night 50 cent came in to perform. People love the classics! Whether they had the chance to see them when they were kids, or if they were too young to see them then, audiences of all ages flock to see them now. The best part of it all, every time I go to one of these shows it’s like a family affair. Nothing but love, no violence like most would expect at a rap concert because these artists are so highly respected that no one would dare to mess up their performances. I am ecstatic that these artists are making a comeback through live performances and I’m taking in everyone that I can.