Scott Koral




Who I Am...

Since the beginning of 2019, I studied at Full Sail University to follow my passion – to become a sportscaster and bring your community’s heroes to light. As my time at Full Sail comes to an end, I now have skills and partnerships that are highly sought after in the broadcasting industry. I am a creator, making several projects that highlight my knowledge and experience as an aspiring broadcaster for local stations or national networks.


I have developed as a sportscaster by going on-camera, doing play-by-play for several types of games, showing I can read a teleprompter, and using my vocal training to speak clearly and succinctly.


I have developed as a reporter by going into the field, learning and executing how to conduct an interview and get the subject to answer questions based on knowledge and rapport.

Camera Work

I have developed as a camera operator by learning how to use a DSLR camera, how to light and backlight when necessary, white balance, and adjust focus and iris manually.

Featured projects

As a storyteller, this story meant a lot to me. I edited the package in Adobe Premiere Pro, and wrote the script. Thanks to Noah Lyles for allowing me to tell his story.

Music credit: Nicolas Barry & Thomas Jacobi of Ocean Life Music (BMI)

the inspiration of colin Kaepernick

Here is a short segment and interview with USA Today Media Group Lead NFL Writer Doug Farrar. Colin Kaepernick inspired a nation in 2020, but he’s not today’s Pat Tillman. Whom does Farrar believe Kap’s closest comparison is?

what should you
expect from me?

This is an example of the type of segment news directors can expect from me as a sports anchor. Let me take you back to February 12, 2021…the day J.J. Watt asked for and received his release from the Houston Texans.

co-host of midway minute

I co-host and produce a video blog called Midway Minute with Kevin Kaduk, formerly of Yahoo! Sports. We cover Chicago sports, and our subscriber base grew 400% between November 2020 and February 2021. We began doing this in early September of 2020…Enjoy the fun we have together!


"In the last few years, I’ve been happy to work directly with Scott as the site manager of one of our network partners, Unity Soup Kitchen. serving the Bay View area. The meal service is a collaborative effort with a number of nearby congregations making contributions of cash, product and time. Only a compassionate and bright person such as Scott, who possesses great observational and interpersonal skills, can connect to his varied contributors to successfully build upon an ongoing meal service operation. It is unfortunate, but people needing basic services can begin to feel that they’ve become invisible to the rest of society. Scott clearly sees them for who they are – a full-fledged person facing some challenges who needs a kind word and some respect. I’ve witnessed Scott’s interactions with the recipients of the meal service and they know Scott as a genuine person – friend, advocate, and coach. Scott has been a considerable force of positive energy in our community. Please consider him for a role in your organization."
"When I first met Scott in a production environment, his talent was only overshadowed by how good of a person he was. He is energetic, passionate and does a great job of making everyone feel involved in the workplace."
"His writing skills are excellent and he always managed to turn a great script into a magnificent one. I enjoyed working alongside Scott, as his personable personality, quick wit, and communication skills enabled Scott to execute great final products. A team player and motivator, Scott is certainly one of the best in the business."